Big Adventures in the Air…comings and goings…

July 13, 2012

This year has brought dear old friends back to the land to live.  A lovely cabin has been added and we are joined once again by David, who has been off adventuring the last 5 years. David was the founder of the meditative life on this land, and we are joyous to have him back with us. Also returning is Bonnie, known far and wide as the person who tamed the chickadees. Bonnie forged the prayer trail into being, making her way through the wilds many years ago to find the most magical places in the woods. David and Bonnie have been instrumental in building the foundations that we have here today on the farm.

We’ve got splendid new gardens going in! Johannes and his papa have made a rose sitting garden outside our picture window. And down beyond the sheepyard are two 80 foot beds and numerous smaller beds for squash and vegetables, with plans for many more. The fellows’ strong backs, with contributions from the sheep and ponies, have done a joint work of creating fine new composts. Despite the drought, the plants are thriving!

But with the change of seasons this autumn, there will be other exciting changes around the farm.  Our family will be taking a bit of a sabbatical from rural splendor and will spend much of the year nesting in a little cottage beside a bubbling waterfall in Brooktondale, NY. Our family will be joining the Ithaca Waldorf School, with Regina teaching the 1st/2nd grade and with Johannes attending the 5th/6th grade. We won’t be too far away, we can be here in an hour whenever our hearts’ desire!  We’ll spend weekends, holidays, and summers on the farm, with festivals going on as usual.

Brooktondale Waterfall

It is quite the task setting up three places at once. The cottage, the schoolroom, and the upheaval here as we make room for others… we moved the piano to a new room yet again!  We welcome you to come see us this summer on the land, and this fall, do come and see us at Waterfall Cottage!



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