Twelve Days Open House at BelleWeather Farm

December 23, 2011

Twelve Days

Sunday, December 25th through Thursday, January 5th
5:00 – 8:00 pm

5:00 pm
Soup’s On the Cookstove

6:00 pm
Tree Candle-lighting
In this darkest time of year, come share in some of the richest traditions of the season, followed by the evening’s events.

…What can you bring?…
Pot luck desserts, gluten welcome ~ Veggies for next day’s soup ~ Cider, fruit & cheese ~ Instruments, Songs, Wintry Poetry ~ Dear friends ~ Slippers & Sweaters

The Twelve Days Schedule of Events 

Sun 25:  Schmooze by the fire… 

Mon 26: Song Circle

Tue 27: 8th Night Hanukah Celebration
Eight candles grace the Menorah on this last day of Hanukah. Join us for an evening of Martin Bidney‘s Klezmer fiddling, noshing on traditional Latkes, and playing dreidl.

Wed 28: Longer Tales for Taller Folk
Tuck your young’ns snug in bed and come on over while we share in a longer
literary piece that we rarely have time for. We’ll serve tea.

Thu 29: Schmooze by the fire… 

 Fri 30: Almost Epiphany Celebration 
BelleWeather Children’s Puppet Festival presents:The Story of Cordita and the Three Little Men
An adaptation of Isabel Wyatt’s tale of a kind heart…
Brother and sister musical duo:
Jayne & Bram Pomplas
On fiddle and bodhran playing Irish Traditional fare
The evening closes with the:
Annual Gingerbread Village Demolition 

 Sat 31: New Years Eve Starlight Bonfire
Popcorn and marshmallows at the fire circle, hot cider on the stove….

 Sun 1: New Year’s Day Song Circle 

Mon 2: Schmooze by the fire…

Tue 3: Woolly Winter’s Eve
Bring along your current knitting or spinning project and enjoy a warm woolly evening together.

Wed 4: Schmooze by the fire…

Thu 5: Schmooze by the fire…

A Joyous New Year to All
from the two-legged,  four-legged, and winged
at BelleWeather Farm!


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