Michaelmas Week~ 3rd week of school

October 7, 2010

Michaelmas ended up filling a whole week!

The autumn winds blow open the gate,
St. Michael for you we wait.
We follow you, show us the way.
With joy we greet this autumn day.

Michaelmas Morn~ You can feel the dragon coming!

Rosy Mist Hanging On...

Later that day, in comes the blustery autumn

The silver rain, the shining sun,
the fields where goldenrod does run,
the fallen leaves winds lift away,
with joy we greet this autumn day.

We heard many stories of conquering the dragon from many different lands throughout the week. We sang it, spoke it in verse, painted it, sculpted it, drew it…

The Battle~ in chalk

Li Chi slays the serpent with her sword and snake~hunting dog.

Can you find the letter "D" in the dragon drawing?

Dragon in Clay

Form Drawing~ the Sword

Silent and Focused...

Sword of Michael brightly gleaming,
Down to earth its light is streaming~
May we see its shining rays
In the winter’s darkest days.

We boiled our annual Michaelmas goldenrod dyepot:

Goldenrod Simmering Overnight

Add the alum, and the sun appears!

Simmer the Wool

Wool is drying. Yes, a little colored wool for fun!

Michaelmas Wool Ready to Spin~ Look at that sunny goldenrod wool peeking out! The beige is goldenrod with iron.

Spinning Michaelmas Wool

The forge, designed by the children and fired up on Michaelmas:

Michalemas Forge

Michaelmas Forger! Crafting a Fine Blade...

And somehow, we fit in so many other things:

Drawing Collected Treasures

Making our own felted woolen chalkboard erasers.

Yes, they really work!

See the turtle one on the left?

"Frau Feder" visits two time a week for German class. Do you remember Madeline? In German?!

Making Maple sugar for cake baking:

Boil to 244°, cool to 180°, and stir as fast as you can!

Quick! Swipe it warm and soft into the mold!

Then, stir it till it cools for baking sugar! Mmmmmm...

And now, for a good book…

Silent Reading time...

As if the week weren’t full enough, the children all met on Saturday morning at the Newark Valley Apple Festival to hear Johannes’ perform with the Toast n’ Jammers Fiddle Club.

The "Boat Song"~ Johannes' own piece

And home we came, to the last rose of summer:

We named it the Michaelmas Rose



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