Week Two in Review

September 28, 2010

I can’t believe how much we accomplish in a week~ these are only highlights!

Monday Morn

Unexpected school visitor:

Scamper peeks in!

Ready to Paint

We can get it!


Earth Puzzles project~ Experimenting with “surface tension”, paper boats propelled by dish detergent on milk:

On your mark, get set...GO!

The Winner!

More Earth Puzzles~ Making Paneer Cheese ...mmmmmm

Tuesday and Thursday handwork:

Spinning Committee

Making a present for mommy's homecoming...

This week embraced the first day of autumn:

Last popsicle of summer...

First Touch of Autumn~ Equinox morn

Equinox Bonfire

The projects this crew produces are ever amazing. This week:

Launchers for Planes

Machete Forge

T-Wal Machete Company product~ Yes, this really can cut through the brambles!

The woodman came to cut some trees down:

Timber! Best view is from the hen-run roof, of course...

The week winds down:

Wylie Brook Whale Watch~ fiddle band practice

Friday Tea~ The week is done


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