A Few More First Week Fruits

September 18, 2010

In spite of a sick day on Thursday, we had a productive first week. Recorder and fiddle are moving right along, I’m beginning to figure out who is where in math, four new singing songs accomplished, adjustments to the curriculum, daily schedule, and year are beginning to take shape. I am eternally amazed at the pace at which children take up new work. Everyone has already gained new skill, willingly challenging themselves to meet new difficult tasks.

Some excerpts from the children’s books:

Norse Myth~ The Sun in Her Chariot

Norse Myth~ Nidhogg Under Yggdrasil

Norse Myth~ Three Gifts

Number Journeys:

Who can do what?

Earth Puzzles:

Milk in dish. Dip in plain Q-tip, nothing happens. Q-tip in dishsoap, magic! But was the color moving underneath, they asked? A glass dish illuminates the answer- not so! What is happening?

Their ideas are moving closer and closer. First thought was that the soap repelled the color. But was the milk moving as well? Then the glass dish question. It hit- it’s all on the surface! On Monday we add little boats to the dish…

Magic Happens With Dishsoap!

Another Touch in Another Spot...

Starting Over With a Glass Dish

Only on the surface, they discover!


Dragon Under Yggdrasil

Uh oh! Colds and coughs in the air. We made good use of Thursday’s sick day We decided to have a play day with school breaks instead of a school day with play breaks. Planes underway, we began constructing the doors for our schoolroom, potholder in progress. It was a fun day.

Planes in Progress

Building the Door

Almost Finished

On Friday, the schedule fell right back into place as if we’d been doing it for months. In the afternoon, we had our “weekly review”, closed school for the week, and hadFriday Tea. It was a wonderful first week.

Reviewing the Week

Friday Tea at Week's End


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