2nd Day of School ~ As the Days Unfold…

September 15, 2010

It was quite a second day. An experiment in the kitchen has dropped us headlong into molecules (go figure, not so Waldorf, eh?:). First entries into the Norse Myths main lesson books, tunes emerging on recorder and fiddle, beginning to make heads or tails out of varying math skills, form drawing, handwork… Iris, Morgan and Owen all learned to spin in about 15 MINUTES! The girls stayed in to keep working at it, in another few minutes they were both spinning independently. My fastest spinning students ever!

Recorder Fleet

Practicing Recorder in Between Activities

Form Drawing ~ First Practice in Chalk

Form Drawing ~ Forms Drawn in Books

Finishing Touches

Fiddle Fleet

Main Lesson Supplies ~ Painting Supplies

New Spinners ~ 15 Minute Wonder Girls!

Iris Spins on Her Own, Age 6!!!

Morgan Spins on Her own, Age 10!


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