Engineers at Work

July 29, 2010

It’s been too long! As many of you have heard, we’ve had a 6 month journey through a number of Waldorf schools, resulting in a turn back this direction… it seems that once again, our boy’s needs can best be met right here in rural paradise.  We are overjoyed to have plans for a busy school year, with dear ones Owen, Morgan and Iris joining us for our anticipated very full days.

Last week, on a drear and rainy day worthy of Noah’s Ark, the team of four worked vigilantly on many feats of engineering… building many Noah’s Arks of their own:

Engineers at Work

Noah's Arks

The boy’s boat has an “electric wave maker”, which produces a pretty snazzy tingley buzz when you dare to put your fingers in the puddle.

By the end of the day the house was rigged with wires, and all sorts of things would shock you when you touched them… Papa said 9 volts was safe… but successfully convinced the boys that the goldfish would not be too happy even at 9v!

Well, I am recommitting to blogging when the school year begins.

~~~ See you then!!! ~~~


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