Sunnies, Casting, and Thunderheads

July 21, 2009

Johannes said to Stephie, “Gary’s pond is full of sunnies!”  So when I said to Stephie, “I’ve got to get those sunnies in the garden before the rain hits,” she really had to think…

And Johannes gave Stephie the long dissertation on casting for fish. So when I said to Stephie at the knitting group, “I haven’t taught the kids casting on yet,” she really had to think…

…  So much for Johannes’ and my parallel worlds  …

The days are flying past. There is hardly time for writing, so you may not see as much of us during the summer! But a few highlights from the past few weeks before I get running again:

Sunny Day at Last

Sunny Day at Last

Our summer tutoring program is going beautifully. On our first day of sun in weeks Stephanie led the day’s painting project, gold on gold on gold, and warmth as well! Sadly, we put Steph on the train to Ann Arbor yesterday. Five weeks together, 12 hours apart, and we miss her already.

Johannes did indeed join the next Tuesday horsebackriding group. It was daunting enough to see him execute a cavalier wave of the hand calling, “Bye mom!,” as if an 8 year old just strolls off on his horse with no mother present every day! But when the sky changed minutes after their departure…the photos say it all!

Waiting for Friends

Waiting for Friends

Off They Go

Off They Go

Across the Highway, and Out of My Hands

Across the Highway and Out of My Hands

Weather Turns

Weather Turns

Last Ray of Sun

Last Ray of Sun

They arrived home 3 hours later, drenched, enthusiastic… it was the “Best ride they’d ever had!” Complete with brilliant lightening, crashing thunder and hail, galloping through fields on frenetic horses in torrential downpours… Glad I was home!

Tomorrow we visit the garden and witness the felling of a tree.
Goodnight all!


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