Summer Days: Still the 1st Week!

July 5, 2009

A visit from musician and avid historian Kurt Osgood produced some interesting finds. Kurt and his son arrived equipped with metal detecting equipment and digging tools, Johannes worked alongside. They hunted down a number of exciting treasures:

Working With the Metal Detector

Johannes Mans the Detector

Treasure Hunt Booty

Treasure Hunt Booty

1: Mystery Item- Maybe Horse Tack?
2: Dalley’s Magical Pain Extractor Lid- From 1869 (see ad below!)
3: Trilon and Perisphere Medallion- 1939 World’s Fair
4: Pulley (6 ” diameter)

And check out this wild advertisement for Dalley’s. Our farm was owned by Dr. Beardsley, the local doctor and his descendants for 99 years. He had 12 children in this house! This must have been one of his remedies:

Dalley's Magical- 1869

Dalley's Magical- 1869

Our dear friend Stephanie from Ann Arbor (she appears unidentified in Summer Days: Only 1 Week Along) arrived for an extended summer’s visit before she heads off to college. In just a few days, the stranger wary sheep took to her. Actually, all the animals fawn all over her, she has the “charmer’s gift”!

Sheep Charmer

Sheep Charmer

One of the more meaningful moments during Stephie’s visit so far included a visit from Robin and Lawrence Mathews, also from Ann Arbor. Lawrence was the class teacher who took my place when I left as Stephanie’s teacher at the end of 2nd grade. Somehow, being together long after her 8th grade graduation made the circle feel complete.

Past. Middle, and End in the Present

Beginning, Middle, and End in the Present

Johannes plays softball with a group of local families that gather every other week:

Proud on First - Running to Second

Proud on First - Running to Second

The knitting crew is making great progress. It is a joy to watch a new knitter find her way! Our friend Taylor is knitting a kitten.

Working a Stitch- Got It!

Working a Stitch - Got It!

Amongst the steady stream of summer guests, our four-legged neighbor friends paid a visit. Binta will join her friends for a hike this coming Tuesday, with her boy Johannes:

Tuesday Evening Riders

Tuesday Evening Riders

I am always awed by the variety of colors the wooly sheep produce. Mr. “Big Heart” makes another appearance!

Multi-Color Magnificants

Multi-Color Production Commitee


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