In the Beginning… (a garden journal)

June 23, 2009

The garden looked like THIS:



I was graced by a four day visit from Flower Fairy Amelia, who has claimed the new title of  “The BelleWeather Gardener”:

Amelia Builds the Garden Gateway

Amelia Builds the Garden Gateway

Gardener and garden superintendent take a break next to the hoop house Amelia designed for Johannes’ cucumbers and gourds. The garden border at left is now a beautiful perennial bed, on the right is Johannes’ flower creation:

Gardener and Superintendent

Gardener and Superintendent

Amelia’s parents Lisa and Jerome coached the organizing of the vegetable beds and gifted us organic seeds. Ten days later, the seeds have all sprouted- Russian kale, collards, peas,  potatoes in a barrel, lettuces of many types, beets, chard,  and the Three Sisters, Corn, Squash and beans. I added plants of full sized and cherry tomatoes, varied herbs, and morning glories to grow over the gate. There are sunflowers sprouted in a flat and ready for transplanting soon. Mr. Fix, the scarecrow, received some assistance from Johannes and papa:

Yes! This is the same garden!

Yes! This is the same garden!

In the End

Lettuce and Borders

Tomatoes and Basil

Tomatoes and Basil

The Garden is In!

The Garden is In! Better Late than Never...

Now we can put our attention toward mulching the paths and building a wooden gate to keep the animals out… and to see REAL farmers at work, visit Amelia’s family’s blog at Harmony Valley Homeschool!


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