A Week of Specials…

May 28, 2009

Special Sister…
Hannah graced us with a visit this week. We spent lots of time with the ponies, Hannah trimmed hooves and worked with Johannes on his driving skills. Here she cobbed together bits and pieces of a harness with bailer twine and towels, and managed to put together something that would fit around our chubby pony.

Hannah Coaches

Hannah Coaches

Johannes and Binta

Peaceful End to a Full Day

Special Friend…
We had a visit from a dear old friend Lev Moshe from Michigan. Our days were filled with beautiful prayers, the richest Klezmer music we’ve ever heard, Jazz fiddle, and sweet simpler tunes for Johannes. Johannes was gifted a number of fiddle lessons, and we enjoyed hours of heartfilled philosophical interchange.

Lev Moshe

Lev Moshe

Special Farewells…
Friday evening sing was especially special this week. It was our last sing for a long time with our local friend Dylan, who has been singing with us for nearly eight years. Dylan left this afternoon for a two year Mission journey to France through his church. A joyous and poignant evening filled with tears, it was hard to say goodbye.

Dylan, Hannah, Katie, Johannes   A Farewell Photo

Dylan, Hannah, Katie, Johannes

Another farewell, our dear kitty Suki moved to college with Hannah. The photo says it all, she’s not really such a traveler!

Suki Leaves

Suki Leaves

And just for fun…

Special Friends

Special Friends


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