Shearing Day 2009

May 23, 2009

Please forgive that we didn’t announce shearing day in advance so you could join us. Because of shifting weather, our appointment with the shearer was a short notice event. Halleluiah, the hot panting sheep have been stripped of their heavy coats and are feeling agile and relieved in these 80 degree days!

We had a fun crew.  Hannah’s visit from college made ‘sheep catching’ run smoothly, and she trimmed sheep hooves. A dear friend Lev from Michigan acted as photographer, friend Dylan tended Johannes (and of course, the two celebrated with a fishing date at the end!).


Checkerberry Before!


Checkerberry After!

Trimming Sheep Hooves

Trimming Sheep Hooves

Paula Our Shearer at Work

Paula Our Shearer at Work

Real Heart

Yes, that's a REAL heart!

Wooly Bounty!

Woolly Bounty- Six bags Full!



Checkerberry and Hannah Reunited

A Warm Nose and a Warm Heart!


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