Getting Ready for May Day!

April 23, 2009
Last Year's Maypole

Last Year's Maypole- Weathered and Worn

The white old winter has stripped the color from last year’s ribbons. Today the May Day fairies arrived, and worked for long hours by the hot stove to prepare for this season’s festivities…

Amelia Tends the Dye Pot

Tending the dye pot...

Untangling wet dyed ribbons...

Untangling wet dyed ribbons...

Lisa and Heather iron damp ribbons...

Ironing damp ribbons...

Finished at last, ready and waiting...

Finished at last, ready and waiting...

On May Day eve, we will pull the old ribbons down. Before the sun awakens on May Day morn, the new ribbons make their appearance on the pole!

And yes, spring has arrived at last on BelleWeather Farm. The land is a miracle of blues and lavenders, punctuated with yellow surprises. Our world feels like an Elsa Beskow book!



purple and blue






grape hyacinth

Count 'em!

Sun Incarnate

Sun Incarnate

Outdoor Prep Crew

Inspecting the May Garden...

Hope to see you at May Day!


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